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What Is A City Crane?

City Crane

Do you need to lift and move large loads between varying heights? Ever considered hiring a city crane?

Whilst there are various types of cranes available to hire – each suited to specific tasks within the construction industry – city cranes are (by far) the best option for projects in urbanised areas, where access is often restricted.

Let’s find out more about city cranes – including what they’re used for and why you should consider hiring one from Bryn Thomas Cranes.


What is a city crane?

City cranes have been used for decades throughout the world, offering a convenient lifting solution for construction sites with limited access.

Boasting a compact footprint, these cranes can perform lifts without compromising on lift height or weight capacity. They also have an adjustable turning circle and telescopic boom – making them easy to navigate through narrow streets – and can reach great heights when set up on-site.


What are city cranes used for?

Thanks to their compact design and versatility, city cranes can be used across various applications and projects within the domestic and commercial sectors.

Whilst city cranes are frequently used on construction sites to empty containers, transfer goods from one area to the next and load materials in bulk, they are particularly useful for lifts where access is restricted (i.e. lifting objects between buildings or in enclosed spaces).


What are the benefits of hiring a city crane?

Despite the vast range of cranes available to hire, city cranes remain one of the most popular choices for construction teams the world over – and it’s with good reason.

City cranes come in various sizes and lifting capacities, meaning you should have no problem finding something suitable for the task at hand.

They are also the most manoeuvrable and can travel with a load securely attached on the hook or be fitted with a runner in environments where headroom is limited.

Given their compact nature, city cranes can negotiate  crowded construction sites and will take up little space when set up. In other words, they won’t impede your business operations or skimp on safety.

Another advantage of these cranes is that they facilitate quick setup, allowing projects to be completed on time and within budget.

40t Terex AC40 City Crane in action

Hire a city crane from Bryn Thomas Cranes

Hiring a city crane gives you the flexibility to choose the ideal size and weight capacity for every lift, as opposed to buying one outright and having to use it for all jobs.

By hiring one of these cranes from a reputable crane hire company, like us at Bryn Thomas Cranes, you won’t need to worry about maintenance and storage costs or expensive repairs. We will take care of it all on your behalf – ensuring you benefit from a crane that’s properly maintained, tested and certified.

What’s more, all our city cranes are supplied with a competent operator, whether you opt for CPA crane hire or contract lifting. And we pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive rates around, providing a cost-effective lifting solution for everyone.

To find out more about our city cranes, or to hire one for your new project, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01352 733 984.


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