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How much does crane hire cost?

Heard good things about crane hire? Using a crane can make light work of difficult tasks – especially in busy cities like Liverpool and Manchester – but how much do they cost and is it really worth it?

Here we look at six factors that determine the cost of crane hire:

  1. Type of crane hire

When hiring a crane, you have one of two options to choose from. Do you need crane hire or a contract lift?

A reputable crane hire company, like us at Bryn Thomas Cranes, will make you aware of the differences between CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) hire and a contract lift and advise on the best one for your requirements. We’ll consider how much crane hire experience you have and take into account how confident you feel in planning lifts and working towards LOLER regulations.

Something we often get asked is: does crane hire cost more or less than contract lifting? The upfront cost of CPA crane hire is cheaper than a contract lift, but we only advise this option if you have hired a crane in the past – and have your own insurance and competent personnel – to ensure lifts are executed safely.

Although contract lifting appears to be more expensive, there are fewer risks and planning involved. And, given that you needn’t go to the expense of employing an appointed person, arranging signalling and slinging duties or finding insurance cover, it often works out as the most cost-effective option of the two.

  1. Type of crane

There are many different types of cranes out there – suitable for all kinds of jobs. Some cranes are ideal for small to moderate construction projects, whilst others are tall and better-suited to large-scale projects, perhaps in the bustling city with tight roads and high-rise buildings to negotiate.

The type of crane you require will affect the price, with the larger and more specialist cranes, understandably, being more expensive. It’s important to choose the right crane for the job though and, here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, we have an extensive fleet at our disposal, meaning we can offer you choice AND competitive pricing.

  1. Size of crane

For smaller projects, a crane that can lift up to 20 tonnes is ideal. As a general rule of thumb, larger projects will need one of our heavy-duty cranes that can lift 100-500 tonnes reliably. Although our larger cranes cost more than the smaller ones, they are ideal if you need to move heavy, cumbersome loads. Opting for a smaller, cheaper crane could cost more in the long run as you’ll have to split loads, which in turn takes more rental time.

  1. Rental period

How long you need to hire a crane for can also impact on the cost of crane hire in Manchester or Liverpool. Most construction companies hire cranes for a few days or a week. Large-scale projects, however, are likely to take longer to accomplish – meaning you might need to rent the crane for several months, costing you more.

The BTC team is always on hand to help – ensuring you get the most out of crane hire in Liverpool or Manchester. We can also tailor crane rental around what works best for you.

  1. Operator costs

The construction industry is expensive, and not without risk. The larger the crane, the more dangerous it can be to operate, but you can minimise this risk by opting for a qualified operator for crane hire.

Whilst paying for the operator, you’re buying the peace of mind that everything is being looked after, is fully covered and properly managed. If you’re familiar with crane hire, CPA crane hire is an excellent choice and, here at BTC, we give you the flexibility and choice. Our experienced staff will work to your strict instructions, alongside the rest of your team.

6. Insurance

Full insurance needs to be taken out for the duration of your project for both CPA hire and contract lifting – the only difference is that we’ll arrange cover for contact lifts, providing you with the peace of mind that every aspect is taken care of.

The cost of insurance will depend on the type of crane and the appointed person. If you opt for crane hire and use your own operator, you’ll need to take out a full insurance policy to ensure legal formalities. If you hire an operator, you’ll only need a limited policy.

Other factors that influence crane hire cost include:

  • Time and date – like anything else, the time and date you require our equipment and services can impact on the cost of crane hire. If you choose to hire on a bank holiday, at the weekend or in the evening, you’ll likely be charged more as labour costs are higher.
  • Location – at BTC, we pride ourselves on competitive rates and cover all areas in Manchester and Liverpool, not to mention Durham, Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Yet, despite this, the crane hire cost can vary from area to area. It is typically more in the south than it is in the north, so you must request a quote beforehand.
  • Labour requirements – most lifts require an operator, supervisor and signaller. However, depending on the scale of the job, additional labour might be needed to finish the project on time and efficiently. The number of qualified labourers required for the job will have a big impact on the crane hire cost but will ensure maximum safety.

Ready to hire a crane from Bryn Thomas Cranes?

Great! We specialise in crane hire in Manchester and Liverpool and ensure safety and productivity from start to finish. Before hiring one of our cranes, we’ll send a consultant to your site to assess the conditions and to consider the work that needs doing.

Our team are experts at what they do and can offer friendly advice on which crane suits your project best. We aim to provide a free, no-obligation quote for crane hire and ask that you’re clear about the task in hand. This way we can offer a fair price and draw up a contract – including a cost breakdown and ensuring your expenses are kept to a minimum.

For more detailed information about how much our crane hire services cost, please get in touch. We are always on hand to help and will happily share our expertise. You can either call our northwest office on 0161 777 8765, send an email to manchester@brynthomascranes.com or fill in the online enquiry form.



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