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Mobile Tower Cranes

Bryn Thomas Cranes operate from strategically placed locations to offer our self-erecting mobile tower crane hire and lifting services throughout the UK.

A self-erecting mobile tower crane is a unique design, combining all the features of a mobile telescopic crane and those of a conventional static tower crane into one machine.

The result is a revolutionary folding mobile tower crane. In many areas where a telescopic crane is used, our range of mobile tower cranes has distinct advantages, having greater mobility and flexibility and giving greater reach and versatility.

The range of mobile tower cranes we operate can lift up to 10 tonnes and have a maximum working radius of 60 metres. These revolutionary machines are ready to work in just 30 minutes, requiring less supporting infrastructure, transport, and materials than conventional tower cranes for set-up. This allows you to get started and complete your project faster without compromising on safety or efficiency.

When compared with other types of cranes, this specialised crane has a smaller, more compact footprint, making it ideal for city working where space is often a controlling factor in crane selection. Mobile tower cranes far outperform standard telescopic cranes, providing a more practical, faster, and cost-effective solution as well as offering a multitude of other benefits to a lifting operation.


Mobile Tower Crane Hire

Mobile tower crane hire is incredibly versatile. While our cranes are perfect for use in bustling city centres, chemical plants, and refineries, we can also tailor our services to suit industries that need to carry out maintenance work and repairs.

Here we look at some of the other reasons why you should consider our mobile tower crane hire service.

Key advantages:

  • Faster set up time – fully utilised in 30 minutes
  • Can be set up in narrow roads
  • Reaches places other cranes cannot
  • No standoff distance
  • Greater safety – the operator can always see the load
  • Able to fit in smaller areas on site for given capacity
  • Very quick, efficient, and productive working compared to a mobile crane
  • Compact for their lifting capacity
  • Lower outrigger loadings for given capacity
  • Floodlights and quiet operation for night working
  • Do not get jib bound
  • Lift up to 10 tonnes
  • Fantastic reach over buildings – 1.7 tonnes at 60 metres with a tower height of 37.2m and a maximum hook height, when luffed at 30 degrees, of 65 metres
  • 360-degree optimum overview for lifting operations
  • Can be used remotely if required
  • Ideal crane for new build factories, city buildings, sheeting & cladding, houses, trusses, etc.

Find out more about Spierings or other machines in our fleet.


Contact us for Mobile Tower Crane Hire

Bryn Thomas Cranes is a leading provider of mobile tower crane hire and we pride ourselves on offering the most versatile fleet of cranes. We also provide some of the most competitive tariffs in the UK, making our services accessible to everyone.

If you would like further information and specifications on mobile tower cranes, or any of the other cranes within our fleet, please visit our fleet page.

Alternatively, take advantage of our mobile tower crane hire service and get in touch via email at info@brynthomascranes.com or contact your local depot. We will be more than happy to share our knowledge and offer a tailored solution for your lifting requirements.

Mobile Tower Crane Hire from Bryn Thomas Cranes

Mobile Tower Cranes FAQ’s

When it comes to mobile tower crane hire, BTC remains amongst the most competitive on the market. Like most things, the larger the crane you hire, the more it will cost you – but there are several other factors that determine the price.

These include:

  • Location
  • Duration of hire
  • Counterweight
  • Ground conditions
  • Labour requirements
  • Other lifting equipment

    To find out how much it will cost you to hire one of our mobile tower cranes, be sure to request a free no-obligation quote today by emailing head office on flint@brynthomascranes.com. We’ll look closely at your project requirements and identify which of our mobile tower cranes will suit your project best before getting back to you with a fair price.

  • If you’re working on a construction project in the city or carrying out maintenance work on multi-story buildings, the answer is yes – a mobile tower crane is perfect for you!

    Our mobile tower cranes can lift a lot more weight than any other conventional crane. Combining only the best features of a telescopic crane and tower crane, mobile tower cranes give you the most reliable lifting solution when working in the bustling city or narrow streets where access is restricted.

    Unsure whether you could benefit from one of our mobile tower cranes? No problem – the BTC team has unrivalled experience when it comes to mobile tower crane rental and will be more than happy to advise on the best crane for the task at hand – ensuring maximum value for money and safety.

    That all depends on whether you opt for CPA hire or a contract lift. If you have hired a mobile tower crane before, you’re likely to choose CPA hire as it allows you to control every aspect of the lift. This does, however, mean that you are responsible for providing the documents (required by the Health and Safety at Work Act) too, before work commences. This includes a method statement, risk assessment and berthing study.

    If you’re new to crane hire, a contract lift is ideal. With this, we will provide one of our mobile tower cranes and a qualified operator, signaller, slinger, supervisors and appointed person to oversee the lift from start to finish. And, the good news is that BTC will take care of the paperwork on your behalf – giving you one less job to do on the day.

    No matter which option you go for, we highly recommend that you’re prepared for the arrival of the mobile tower crane and brief your team beforehand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    Mobile tower cranes are well known for their rapid setup times – taking approximately 20 minutes to assemble.

    A conventional static tower crane can take significantly longer to erect, mostly as a result of its size. However, our mobile tower cranes combine the strengths of these cranes with mobile telescopic cranes, providing a practical alternative for projects in the city centre.

    Mobile tower cranes are extremely compact, which means they can be easily relocated around the worksite, no matter how big or small it may be.

    For more information about hiring a mobile tower crane and operating it efficiently, give Bryn Thomas Cranes a call on 01352 733 984

    Of course! Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, we take health and safety very seriously and can assure you that every one of our mobile tower cranes is properly maintained, tested, and certified.

    Though not something you can expect from all types of cranes, mobile tower cranes have a variable raised cab height that provides better visibility for the operator. This enables them to focus on lifting and moving the load safely without any obstructions.

    In addition to this, the cab is air-conditioned – allowing the operator to comfortably control the crane whilst reducing the risk of fatigue. This way, you can relax knowing that the job gets done without skimping on quality or safety.

    At Bryn Thomas Cranes, we provide mobile tower cranes on a CPA hire or contract lift basis. If you’ve never hired a crane before, and you don’t have the qualified personnel to oversee the lift, we recommend opting for a contract lift. With this option, we’ll take care of every aspect – leaving absolutely nothing to chance. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about the safety of our mobile tower cranes.

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