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Heavy Duty Cranes

Bryn Thomas Cranes provide a wide range of cranes and aim to suit all projects – no matter how big or small. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure that all lifting operations are completed safely and efficiently.Heavy Duty Crane

Our Heavy Duty Cranes

Our heavy duty cranes are designed for special lifting applications and are guaranteed to make it easier for you to lift loads – saving you a great deal of time and effort.

Designed to be robust, the heavy duty crane has been carefully manufactured to operate in arduous conditions, making it ideal for intense applications and large capacities.

The heavy duty crane is available to hire in various sizes and lifting capacities, ranging from 100 to 500 tonnes and suits the demands of almost every project. They are positioned carefully to provide a solution for minimising mobilisation and are guaranteed to offer a cost-efficient solution for lifting goods from one location to the next.

How can you benefit from heavy duty cranes?

There are countless ways that you can benefit from a heavy duty crane from Bryn Thomas Cranes – one of these being that they are practical.

Heavy duty cranes don’t require much space which makes them ideal for construction sites and narrow roads. As long as there is sufficient space to position the heavy duty mobile crane, there’s no reason why lifts cannot be completed successfully.

With heavy-duty axles and hydraulic power, the heavy duty mobile crane is ideal for lifting very weighty loads in the safest way possible.

Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, we make sure that the cost of the heavy duty mobile crane is affordable for all budgets – allowing you to pay for the crane for the length of time you need it because there is no minimum rental time.

Hiring one of our heavy duty cranes, like the Liebherr heavy duty crane, will provide you with an economical solution – allowing you to speed up your project and improve your productivity rate.

Find out if you could benefit from a heavy duty crane by calling us today on 01352 733984.


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Heavy Duty Cranes FAQ’s

When it comes to heavy-duty crane hire, it isn’t a case of one size fits all. No lifting operation is identical, and it’s important you consider the full range of heavy cranes available, here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, and select the right one for you. The good news is that, as heavy-duty crane hire specialists, BTC provides only the best cranes on the market, including: • 130t Liebherr LTM 1130.5.1 • 150t Grove GMK 5150-L • 300t Grove GMK 6300-L • 500t Liebherr LTM 1500.8.1 Often, the most suitable heavy-duty crane for you will depend on the weight of the goods you need lifting, how far they need lifting (radius), and the height at which they need to be lifted. Spoilt for choice? You’re not alone and are more than welcome to get in touch. Our team is always on hand to help and will be more than happy to share their expertise – ensuring you select the perfect crane for the job and your budget!
The cost of heavy-duty crane hire varies depending on several factors, including the specific model chosen, the size and weight of the load, your location, the length of time you need the crane for, and the ground conditions. But, here at BTC, we make sure that all our heavy-duty cranes are maintained to an exceptionally high standard and can offer all our crane hire services at a competitive rate. For a clear idea of how much it will cost to hire one of our heavy-duty cranes for your project, contact us and we will happily provide a free, no-obligation quote – tailored to your bespoke requirements. If you’re happy with the price, great – let us know and we can get to work right away. However, if you have any questions regarding the quote, please don’t hesitate to drop head office an email at flint@brynthomascranes.com, and we’ll get back to you.
This is something we get asked a lot – here at BTC – and the simple answer is it depends on how much experience you have and whether you have any qualifications. If you’ve hired a crane in the past, and prefer to work at your own pace, you’ve probably opted for Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA) crane hire as it gives you full control over the lift. With CPA hire agreements for heavy-duty cranes, we simply provide the crane and a qualified operator, meaning you will need to provide a method statement and risk assessment, create a thorough lift plan and have authorised personnel ready, and on-site, on the day of heavy-duty crane hire. You’ll need to organise insurance cover too. Arranging a contract lift is the more convenient option of the two – hence why we recommend it for newbies or those who don’t have an experienced team at their disposal. Instead, we will take care of the arduous work (mentioned above), providing you with the peace of mind that your goods are handled carefully and ensuring the safety of on-site personnel. When your heavy crane is due to be delivered, all we ask is that you make sure your site is accessible and there are no restrictions or obstructions. For more information about our heavy-duty crane hire services, call us on 01352 733 984 today.
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