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Telescopic Cranes

When it comes to finding a telescopic crane, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for – here at Bryn Thomas Cranes. A telescopic crane is a type of heavy crane that is specifically designed to transport and manoeuvre objects from one place to another.

What is a telescopic crane?

Our telescopic cranes are designed to incorporate a “boom”, which has tubes fitted inside one another. With telescopic crane hire, we make it easier for you to complete construction work and allow you to reach great heights quickly and easily.

Telescopic Crane

What are telescopic cranes used for?

The telescopic crane is used for day to day hauling operations and is considered to be highly useful equipment.

All telescopic cranes that we provide at Bryn Thomas Cranes are renowned for their flexibility and feasibility for various applications. There are also height adjustments which enable you to lift materials reliably.

How do telescopic cranes work?

Designed to lift and lower materials, telescopic cranes have various capacities. There is a hydraulic mechanism that extends and retracts to increase the length of the boom, which makes it easier for you to achieve the appropriate height for your lifting application.

A telescopic crane has a boom which is likely to be the first thing that you see. The boom is the steel telescopic arm that is used to lift and move materials. The “jib” is the part that’s connected to the boom and is used to enhance mobility.

With telescopic crane hire being so convenient, it is often used in areas where space is limited. Could you benefit from telescopic mobile crane hire?

What are the benefits of telescopic crane hire?

One of the main benefits of the telescopic mobile crane is that it is suitable for city work and various other terrains. It offers a flexible solution for transporting goods for construction and other industrial applications and doesn’t take very long to set up.

Combining mobility with heavy lifting power, the fleets that we supply for telescopic crane hire are extremely dependable. The telescopic mobile crane is often used for applications that require extra precision.

The telescopic crane is mobile – meaning that you can position it somewhere suitable and manoeuvre it carefully – even in tight locations.

With telescopic crane hire, we provide a qualified operator, who has knowledge and expertise about how the crane works and how to prevent the risk of injury.

If you need to know more about telescopic crane hire, call us today on 01352733984.


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