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City Crane

What Is A City Crane?

By Paramount Digital | Aug 23, 2022

Do you need to lift and move large loads between varying heights? Ever considered hiring a city crane? Whilst there are various types of cranes available to hire – each suited to specific tasks within the construction industry – city cranes are (by far) the best option for projects in urbanised areas, where access is…

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Bryn Thomas Cranes welcome latest £1 million investment

Bryn Thomas Cranes Welcome Latest £1 million Investment

By Paramount Digital | Jun 22, 2022

Bryn Thomas Cranes are delighted to welcome yet another addition to their fleet – the Spierings SK1265-AT6. Costing in excess of £1 million, it is the largest and most powerful mobile tower crane currently on the market and joins their already extensive task force. And this isn’t the first time Bryn Thomas have gone big…

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55t Liebherr Bryn Thomas Crane on Project

How Are Cranes Used At Festivals?

By Paramount Digital | Jun 6, 2022

Organising an event is no easy feat. With potentially thousands of people attending over multiple days, it’s crucial that you carefully consider the logistics. Things like stage layouts, visitor flow, crowd control and how the equipment will be brought into the site and set up. There’s bound to be several temporary buildings and stages that…

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Mobile Tower Crane Hire from Bryn Thomas Cranes

Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Tower Crane

By Paramount Digital | May 10, 2022

Cranes play a vital role in construction projects and allow you to lift and move large, cumbersome loads with ease. The choice of crane you decide to hire can have a huge impact on the work you’ll be doing. And whilst there are several different types on the market, mobile and tower cranes tend to…

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5 good reasons to hire a crane - Bryn Thomas

5 Good Reasons To Hire A Crane

By Paramount Digital | Apr 14, 2022

So, you need a crane to lift or move large, heavy goods safely and efficiently. You’ve decided what type you require – city, heavy-duty, mobile tower, self-erecting, telescopic etc. But the question is – should you buy or rent lifting equipment? If you’ve got the budget, and you’ll get plenty of use out of it,…

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What Can A Crane Be Used For? - Bryn Thomas

What Can A Crane Be Used For?

By Paramount Digital | Feb 23, 2022

Ever considered hiring a crane before? Various business types and sectors take advantage of crane hire every year. Not only does it save them the financial outlay of buying a crane outright, but it also reduces the need to find a safe place to keep it when it’s not in use. Better yet, hiring a…

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Audit of RISQS Rail being completed

Winter safety hazards – and how to avoid them

By Paramount Digital | Nov 11, 2021

Construction jobs come with their own set of challenges. Add to that the freezing temperatures, gale-force winds, and poor visibility synonymous with winter – and the need for specific safety precautions is greater than ever for crane hire. It’s crucial that you have equipment that’s up to the job and compliant with industry-wide safety standards,…

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Crane Hire - Bryn Thomas

Is crane hire right for me?

By Paramount Digital | Apr 23, 2021

Is crane hire right for me? If you work in construction, there’s a good chance that you require lifting equipment – such as cranes and hoists – to lift heavy loads safely. Thanks to technological advances, cranes have allowed construction teams to build higher and faster than ever before. But, you’re probably wondering whether you…

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Mobile Tower Crane at Crane Hire Project

3 common causes of crane failure and how to avoid them

By Paramount Digital | Apr 23, 2021

Thinking about hiring a crane but worried about crane failure? Moving large and heavy loads is crucial in manufacturing and construction industries today and, thanks to huge strides in technology, crane hire makes it possible to build higher and faster than ever before. But, despite new approaches to training and the implementation of extensive safety…

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