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80t Grove Crane on CPA Contract Lifting Project

The Main Reasons For Telescopic Crane Hire

By Paramount Digital | Apr 5, 2019

Considering the pros of hiring a telescopic crane? As one of the quickest and most reliable cranes available, the telescopic crane combines an extendable boom with excellent manoeuvrability – scaling heights with ease and effortlessly transporting your cargo. Picking the right crane for the job is crucial – saving time, money and helping to ensure…

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55t Liebherr Fleet at Bryn Thomas Crane Hire

The benefits of a self erecting crane

By Paramount Digital | Mar 14, 2019

Are you considering hiring a self erecting crane? These simple, cost effective cranes are quick and easy to set up – meaning they could be put to work in no time at all. Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, we are experts in crane hire and offer an extensive fleet of cranes to suit your construction…

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Small Crane Hire Fleet Truck

It’s Arrived – Introducing the Liebherr LTM 1090-4.2 for heavy mobile crane hire

By Paramount Digital | Mar 14, 2019

It is finally here! At Bryn Thomas Cranes we are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest and most versatile crane yet – the Liebherr LTM 1090-4.2. We have had a long and sturdy relationship with Liebherr for many years now, having obtained reliable cranes from them in the past such as the 500t…

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How to use a crane safely

How to use a crane safely

By Paramount Digital | Feb 7, 2019

Cranes are a great way to move heavy, awkward loads from one area to the next – but how do you make sure you’re using a crane safely? Technological advances have made cranes much safer to use but accidents can still happen, which is why is essential that a competent crane handler is in control…

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Top 10 tips for operating a crane

By Paramount Digital | Jan 7, 2019

Specialising in crane hire UK, Bryn Thomas Cranes have just the solution for you when it comes to lifting heavy loads safely. The fleets that we provide are technologically advanced and manufactured to meet demanding industry standards. We supply cranes in a wide range of sizes and capabilities, including general cranes, heavy cranes and mobile…

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5 Reasons to use Bryn Thomas Cranes for crane hire

By Paramount Digital | Jan 7, 2019

Bryn Thomas Cranes are your one-stop shop for crane hire UK. No matter where in the country you are based, you’re sure to benefit from the extensive range of services that we have on offer. Leading the way in crane hire, we provide equipment to suit all lifting requirements and have done so for more…

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Hiring A Crane From A Reputable Company

By Paramount Digital | Dec 10, 2018

When choosing a crane, you need to find a crane hire company that you can trust. Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, we provide a wide range of fleets for crane hire UK and can help you to hire the most suitable crane for the job in hand. What to look out for when it comes…

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Getting the most out of your Crane Hire

By Paramount Digital | Nov 6, 2018

Cranes are extremely versatile; they can often come in useful when working in construction, demolition, renovation or utility! The cost to purchase a crane is seemingly expensive, especially if you’re to purchase one outright. Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, we specialise in Crane Hire UK, providing you with an affordable solution for lifting and transporting…

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LTM 1230-5.1


By Dylan | Oct 5, 2018

Bryn Thomas Cranes Ltd is set to continue with further investment in new Liebherr products well into 2019. The new addition, the 230t Liebherr LTM 1230-5.1, is due for delivery in the second quarter of 2019. The LTM 1230-5.1 delivers an extremely long telescopic boom and sets new standards in terms of lifting capacity. In addition…

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