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Hiring cranes and plant is inevitably accompanied by risk and with the cost of a modern mobile crane ranging from £260,000 to in excess of £4 million; the financial consequences for customers in the event of a serious incident are significant.

BS7121 – Safe Use of Cranes – notes the risks and highlights the need to protect against their consequences through comprehensive insurance cover.

Bryn Thomas Cranes is able to offer a damage waiver on CPA hires which is specifically tailored to the crane hire market at an increased cost. Should the customer require cover for lifted goods, this is available and can be arranged as an extra. Please discuss this with a BTC depot manager or email info@brynthomascranes.com for details.

Insurance for CPA Hires (crane hire only)

Bryn Thomas Cranes Lifting Damage CPA Subrogation Waiver Scheme

Accidental damage to crane on hire to the full replacement value.
Loss of hire charges as a result of loss or damage to the crane.
Cover in respect of goods being lifted up to a value of £25,000
Bryn Thomas Cranes waives the right of recovery under clause 13 of the CPA Model Terms of Hire “Hirers Responsibility for Loss & Damage”.
Charged at a percentage agreed upon hire of invoice total.

Insurance for CPA Contract Lifting Services (fully contracted)

Full insurance cover is included with all contract lifts

A maximum liability of £25,000 in respect of the value of goods lifted. (Additional goods lifted cover is available and can be arranged as an extra). Please discuss this with a BTC depot manager or email info@brynthomascranes.com for details.
£5 million public liability

Excesses and exclusions apply on all insurances

NOTE: Under a contract lift, the customer still retains liabilities and should ensure that adequate insurance is in place to cover:

Own negligence.
Inadequate or unstable ground.
Inadequate/incorrect information supplied in connection with loads or site.

Crane Hire Cost & Contract Lift Prices

We provide CPA crane hire and CPA contract lifting based on excellent values of quality, safety and service.

For an idea of crane hire costs or contract lift prices please read more about each service, and contact us today to discuss your project.

Crane Hire Insurance

Find out more about CPA Crane Hire, Contract Lifting or Mobile Tower Crane Hire.

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