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5 Good Reasons To Hire A Crane

So, you need a crane to lift or move large, heavy goods safely and efficiently. You’ve decided what type you require – city, heavy-duty, mobile tower, self-erecting, telescopic etc. But the question is – should you buy or rent lifting equipment? If you’ve got the budget, and you’ll get plenty of use out of it,…

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What Can A Crane Be Used For?

Ever considered hiring a crane before? Various business types and sectors take advantage of crane hire every year. Not only does it save them the financial outlay of buying a crane outright, but it also reduces the need to find a safe place to keep it when it’s not in use. Better yet, hiring a…

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Winter safety hazards – and how to avoid them

Construction jobs come with their own set of challenges. Add to that the freezing temperatures, gale-force winds, and poor visibility synonymous with winter – and the need for specific safety precautions is greater than ever for crane hire. It’s crucial that you have equipment that’s up to the job and compliant with industry-wide safety standards,…

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Is crane hire right for me?

Is crane hire right for me? If you work in construction, there’s a good chance that you require lifting equipment – such as cranes and hoists – to lift heavy loads safely. Thanks to technological advances, cranes have allowed construction teams to build higher and faster than ever before. But, you’re probably wondering whether you…

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3 common causes of crane failure and how to avoid them

Thinking about hiring a crane but worried about crane failure? Moving large and heavy loads is crucial in manufacturing and construction industries today and, thanks to huge strides in technology, crane hire makes it possible to build higher and faster than ever before. But, despite new approaches to training and the implementation of extensive safety…

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The secret to a successful crane hire operation

Searching for crane hire? One of the most important things you need to do before you hire a crane is to find a reputable company – preferably one with an abundance of expertise and experience behind them. After all, you want to trust that your goods are in the safest of hands whilst hundreds (if…

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5 factors to consider when hiring a crane in the UK

5 Key Factors To Consider When Hiring A Crane Do you work in construction? Need to lift heavy, cumbersome loads between varying heights without sacrificing safety or efficiency? You’re not alone. The questions is, how do you do it? Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes Ltd, we have just the solution – crane hire. With an…

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How has Bryn Thomas Cranes responded to COVID-19?

Lockdown. It’s been a strange old time, hasn’t it? The past few months have involved changes to our way of life and, in return, altered our everyday activities. For example, family visits, days in the office and shopping have all undergone radical changes in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus. Although many sectors,…

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How much does crane hire cost?

Heard good things about crane hire? Using a crane can make light work of difficult tasks – especially in busy cities like Liverpool and Manchester – but how much do they cost and is it really worth it? Here we look at six factors that determine the cost of crane hire: Type of crane hire When…

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Hiring a crane from Bryn Thomas Cranes

Cranes have been a staple in the construction industry for thousands of years, and continue to dominate the skyline in cities, like Manchester and Liverpool. If you’re looking for crane hire in the city, why not join hundreds of happy construction companies and hire from a reputable provider, like us at Bryn Thomas Cranes? Who…

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