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Everything You Need To Know About Liebherr 100t Cranes

Liebherr is one of the most famous brands in crane manufacturing, building only the most capable and sturdy machinery. That’s why we have two 100t Liebherr models available for hire.

So, what’s so special about the Liebherr brand, and why should you hire one of their 100t cranes from us?


Who is Liebherr?

Constantly striving to produce top-quality, state-of-the-art machinery, Liebherr has been designing and building all-terrain cranes for well over 70 years.

Liebherr produce cranes for use across many sectors, including:

  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • The military  
  • Emergency services
  • Accident & Recovery

Reasons to use a Liebherr 100t crane for your project

As well as quality and trusted craftsmanship, there are plenty of reasons to use a Liebherr 100t crane for your lifting operations.

They’re suitable for all terrains

Due to the strong grip tyres and all-terrain chassis on all of Liebherr’s 100t cranes, they’re suitable for operation across urban and rural sites like city buildings, wind power installation and on quarries.

Easily moved around the site

Liebherr 100t cranes are mobile as they’re based on a lorry. Once a crane has finished lifting in one area, it can be driven to another location.

A telescopic boom and adjustable jibs

Boom hydraulics means the crane can be extended to reach great heights or shortened if needed. Liebherr 100t cranes are also available with three jib combinations suitable for tailored applications.

High lifting capacity

Unsurprisingly, these cranes can lift up to 100 tonnes – meaning you don’t have to worry about buckling and hazards such as falling loads and crane collapse.

The Liebherr 100t cranes in our fleet

We have two 100 tonne Liebherr models for hire:

  • LTM 1090-4.2
  • LTM 1100 – 5.2.

Their top features cross over, only differing in their technical specifications.

Joint features of the 100t LTM 1090-4.2 and 100t LTM 1100 – 5.2

  • AutoBallast – both cranes complete the ballasting process automatically, making lifting loads more efficient
  • Quick set-up times
  • Both operate in tight areas that other 100t cranes can’t due to their slimmer frame
  • Variobase outrigger set-up system – this means outriggers are set up asymmetrically
  • Multiple telescopic boom and jib combinations – lifting across tall buildings are achievable compared to other telescopic cranes
  • Hill start Aid – moving off on slopes is easier
  • ECOmode and ECOdrive to lower fuel consumption and engine noise

How do they differ?

Individual specifications of the 100t LTM 1090-4.2

Designed for slightly lighter lifting than the 1100, this model is still a highly capable machine that offers flawless and safe lifting to your project.

  • 4-wheel drive
  • Telescopic boom reach – 60m
  • Max hoist height – 76m
  • Max radius – 62m

You can look at the full 100t LTM 1090-4.2 specifications here.

Individual specifications of the 100t LTM 1100 – 5.2

This model is an enhanced and more powerful crane than the 1090. Its technical features include;

  • 5-wheel drive
  • Telescopic boom reach – 60m
  • Max hoist height – 91m
  • Max radius – 66m

For more technical specifications, read the official 100t LTM 1100 – 5.2 specifications here.

90t Liebherr Fleet at Bryn Thomas Cranes Project

90t Liebherr LTM 1090-4.1

Where to use a 100t Liebherr crane?

Projects include city construction sites where space is limited, solar power installation and bridge building, as the crane can lift metal structures from a distance thanks to a stretching telescopic boom.

100t Liebherr cranes can also be used on rural sites such as quarries to lift materials to and from loading trucks.

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