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The benefits of a self erecting crane

Are you considering hiring a self erecting crane? These simple, cost effective cranes are quick and easy to set up – meaning they could be put to work in no time at all.

55t Liebherr Fleet at Bryn Thomas Crane Hire

Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, we are experts in crane hire and offer an extensive fleet of cranes to suit your construction project. In the following blog we cover some of the key reasons self erecting crane hire could be the perfect choice for your project:

Works in tight spaces

The key factor of this type of crane’s popularity? Limited space is perfectly fine – the crane will still operate to a high standard. A self erecting crane has a small footprint and can still operate efficiently within limited space.

The hydraulics and steering axles of a self erecting tower crane make it capable of lifting large loads in tight spaces. This is because they incorporate mechanisms to help prevent swinging and ensure the crane moves smoothly.

Time saving

With most construction projects, timing is key. A self erecting crane is quick to set up – it can be transported to your construction site and put to work within a matter of hours.

It also has the added benefit of increased speed when operating. This type of crane is capable of lifting and moving heavy amounts of materials quickly, to the exact position they are needed.

Cost efficient

If you are sticking to a budget on a construction project, then a self erecting tower crane is ideal for you. These cranes are extremely cost effective enabling you to potentially increase your profit.

The hiring and use of this crane is inexpensive in comparison to other solutions such as heavy duty cranes. This is because they have low operating costs – thus there is less to spend on its uses.

Remotely operated option

A self erecting crane can be operated in two ways:

  • traditionally, with a professional crane operator in the crane’s cab.
  • by use of a remote control.

Using the remote control function, there is no worry about blind spots when lifting and moving materials. What does this mean? That there is less chance of damages or injuries to people working on the construction site.

Reduced noise

When cranes are being operated, they can make a lot of noise, however with self erecting tower cranes this isn’t an issue – These cranes are much quieter than others. This means that there is less noise pollution and it also prevents any nearby homeowners or businesses being bothered by noise when the crane is in operation.

Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, we provide the best in crane solutions for all our customers. If you’re looking for a crane that is cost efficient, quick and effective in terms of space and safety, then our self erecting crane hire services are the best choice for you. To find out more about this, or our other crane hire services, please call us today on 01352 733 984 or fill out our enquiry form that can be found on our contact page.

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