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How to use a crane safely

Cranes are a great way to move heavy, awkward loads from one area to the next – but how do you make sure you’re using a crane safely?

How to use a crane safely

Technological advances have made cranes much safer to use but accidents can still happen, which is why is essential that a competent crane handler is in control of lifts.

There are four key aspects to be aware of help ensure safe crane handling:

  1. Planning lift operations

Crane hire should never be rushed – it’s always better to plan well in advance and think everything through.

You need the right crane for the job but – more importantly – work needs to be carried out safely. Taking the time to plan reduces the risk of accidents.

Outlining the procedure for lifting will simplify the process and a risk assessment will give you peace of mind that cranes are safe to use.

  1. Safe system of work

Having a safe system of work or ‘method statement’ will ensure that lift operations are carried out safely. This must be easy to understand for everyone and should include elements like:

  • Planning – including site preparations and dismantling
  • Selection – choosing the right crane and other lifting equipment
  • Safety – arranging safe signalling and slinging
  • Expertise – providing trained/competent personnel
  • Maintenance – examining and outlining condition of equipment
  1. Supervision of lifts

Whether it be crane hire Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle, all lifts require supervision.

Lift operations are to be directed and supervised by trained personnel who can understand the method statement.

All appointed persons must have practical and theoretical knowledge and experience as they will be held responsible for the crane and its operation unless you opt for CPA contract lifting.

Users also need to be able to stop the crane if it’s deemed dangerous to continue using the equipment – otherwise, this could result in serious damage and injury.

  1. Thorough examination

There are strict legal regulations in place for crane hire Manchester and all other surrounding areas – meaning examinations are essential for health and safety on site.

Specialist examinations are to be carried out by competent personnel and all findings should be recorded and readily available.

Regardless of which crane you hire and where you are based, Bryn Thomas Cranes can help you. We can provide you with everything you need to know about cranes and how to use them safely. Call our team of experts on 01352 733 984 today.

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