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Operating a crane in extreme weather conditions

Weather in the UK is nothing less than unpredictable, and never more so than ‘up north’. For crane operators, this can be frustrating, but help is at hand. Specialising in CPA crane hire and CPA contract lifting, Bryn Thomas Cranes can assist you with crane hire in Manchester or Liverpool, completing lifts quickly and safely – regardless of the weather.

Hiring a crane for the first time can be daunting, so why not hand over the responsibility to our experienced team at Bryn Thomas Cranes and make the most of our CPA contract lifting services? With CPA contract lifting, we make sure all lifts are carried out in accordance with stringent safety standards and provide everything from method statements and risk assessments to a qualified signaller, appointed person, and insurance cover.

By handing the reigns over to us you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we have the experience and skills to safely operate a crane in adverse conditions – meaning you don’t have to fall behind with your schedule.


The UK is known for its heavy and unpredictable downpours, but this doesn’t mean you need to put your project on hold and incur costly delays.

Specialising in crane hire in Manchester and Liverpool, we are no stranger to wet weather lifts. Backed by our experience, you can rest assured that rain won’t interfere with your crane hire.

Extreme temperatures

It’s important to understand how extremes of temperature can affect the performance of a crane. For example, working in very cold climates can reduce a crane’s tensile strength. By working with professional crane hire operators, like us, you can be sure that your crane is always operating at its best and, most importantly, safely.

If you’ve hired a crane before, CPA crane hire is also an excellent choice and – when you hire from Bryn Thomas – you are backed by our years of experience. So, if the weather is casting doubt on operations, simply speak to the team and we can advise.

Why choose Bryn Thomas Cranes when operating a crane in extreme weather conditions

Safety is paramount to us – as is your productivity – and with our help you can be sure you will get the most out of your crane hire in Liverpool or Manchester.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our head office on 01352 733 984, or call our northwest depot on 0161 777 8765 or email manchester@brynthomascranes.com for enquiries regarding crane hire in your local area.

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