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How Are Cranes Used At Festivals?

Organising an event is no easy feat.

With potentially thousands of people attending over multiple days, it’s crucial that you carefully consider the logistics. Things like stage layouts, visitor flow, crowd control and how the equipment will be brought into the site and set up.

There’s bound to be several temporary buildings and stages that need erecting beforehand – and that’s where crane hire comes in.


What are cranes used for at festivals?

Cranes are heavy pieces of machinery, typically hired by the construction industry to lift and move large, cumbersome materials at a great height. However, mobile cranes are perfect for lifting temporary structures (e.g. bars, portable toilets, fairground rides) into place at festivals, saving both time and effort whilst guaranteeing safety and efficiency.

At a music-focused event, mobile cranes can be used to build the main stage – creating a wonderful focal point for headline acts and allowing crowds to gather around and enjoy watching their favourite musicians perform. They can also be used to dismantle the stage once the festival has ended.

Crane hire comes in handy for constructing marques and other attractions too, ensuring they are set up in time for the big event and transported from A to B safely.


What are the benefits of festival crane hire?

One of the most important things to remember when arranging an event is that everything has to happen on time. Things can easily go wrong if they’re not planned properly!

The great thing about festival crane hire is that you can be confident that equipment will be in the safest hands – both before and after the event takes place.

When you hire a crane from a reputable crane hire company, like Bryn Thomas Cranes, lifting equipment will be delivered to your site at the agreed time. We’ll also provide the competent personnel to operate the machinery, minimising the risk of accidents and injury as a result of inappropriate use.


Need to hire a mobile crane for your new project?

Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor event, the team at Bryn Thomas Cranes has you covered.

Specialising in mobile crane hire, we can recommend a suitable crane for the task at hand – taking into account the type, size and weight of the load, as well as the distance it needs to be moved.

Depending on how much crane hire experience you have, we can then draw up a CPA crane hire contract or arrange a contract lift. Our CPA hire agreements are better suited to those who have hired cranes in the past and know how to use them safely, whereas contract lifting is the preferred option for those who have little to no experience in hiring a crane for an event or project.


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