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Hiring a crane from Bryn Thomas Cranes

Cranes have been a staple in the construction industry for thousands of years, and continue to dominate the skyline in cities, like Manchester and Liverpool. If you’re looking for crane hire in the city, why not join hundreds of happy construction companies and hire from a reputable provider, like us at Bryn Thomas Cranes?

Who we are

Bryn Thomas Cranes is a leading crane hire company in the UK with a proven track record for safety. We have worked with blue-chip clients on projects all over the country and, have been awarded industry-related accreditations, including BSEN ISO 9001, Achilles UVDB and SSIP Accreditation, to name just a few.

What we do

At Bryn Thomas Cranes, we offer crane hire in Liverpool and Manchester, 365 days a year and accommodate projects of all scales. We invest thousands of pounds in our fleet every year to ensure we offer the highest specification vehicles. Choose from:

All our cranes are backed up by our qualified and experienced team, so if you’re spoilt for choice, we will happily assist you in selecting the best crane for the job. If you know exactly which crane you need, feel free to get in touch with the head office on 01352 733 984 and arrange crane hire around what works best for you.

We provide two types of crane hire:

  • CPA crane hire

If you’ve hired a crane before and prefer to work at your own pace, CPA crane hire is an excellent choice. With this, we simply provide a properly maintained crane that’s fully tested and certified, and an operator who will make sure the crane is used safely – whilst working to your strict instructions.

  • Contract Lifting

New to crane hire in the UK? The Bryn Thomas Cranes team can arrange a contract lift – providing you with the peace of mind that goods are lifted in the safest and most efficient way possible. With contract lifting, we take care of the lift plan and risk assessment documents. We’ll even provide appropriate insurance cover.

How to hire a crane

When it comes to crane hire in Manchester or Liverpool, or anywhere else, Bryn Thomas Cranes make it as easy as can be. Feel free to call our northwest depot on 0161 777 8765 or drop us an email at manchester@brynthomascranes.com. We specialise in CPA crane hire, contract lifting, heavy and mobile crane hire and will gladly assist you in making the right choice.

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