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Bryn Thomas’ Use Of Liebherr 100-Ton Cranes

Our state-of-the-art fleet is made up of the most renowned and capable brands within the engineering world. Liebherr are one of these manufacturers and are producers of the most advanced and sturdy mobile cranes available to hire.

This article will explore the two types of 100-tonne Liebherr cranes Bryn Thomas has to offer and how they can benefit your project.

Who are Liebherr?

Liebherr has established itself as one of the world’s leading pioneers in the engineering sector.

Famed for their consistent level of high-quality machinery, Liebherr has been producing and developing all-terrain cranes for use across the globe for over 70 years.

Liebherr work in many specialist areas, including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Military crane support
  • Emergency service support

So, what’s so special about Liebherr’s 100-tonne cranes?

Which Liebherr 100-tonne cranes do Bryn Thomas offer for hire?

At Bryn Thomas, we stock two extremely capable 100-tonne Liebherr cranes: the LTM 1100 – 5.2 and LTM 1090-4.2.

100t LTM 1100 – 5.2

A modern mobile crane with premium safety features, this model is a popular vehicle with plenty of benefits.

Model specific features

The telescopic boom is adjustable and can reach 60m high – brilliant for those tricky high-up lifts.

5-wheel drive enhances the safety and sturdiness of the 1100 model, making it perfect for lifting heavy loads.

All-purpose handling

Like all Liebherr mobile cranes, the 1100 model is suitable for all terrains – meaning that it can operate on public roads and off-road. This is thanks to the all-terrain chassis, a hugely beneficial feature of Liebherr models.

The LTM 1100 mobile crane’s moveability makes it a fantastic match for many projects.

Projects include city construction sites where space is limited, solar power installation and bridge building, as the crane can lift from a greater distance.

For more information on the technical specification of the 1100, take a look at the official 100t LTM 1100 – 5.2 specifications here.

100t LTM 1090-4.2

Known as the all-rounder, the LTM 1090 is renowned for its quick set-up time and ability to operate in tight, constricted spaces that other cranes can’t.

So, what are its top features?

Model specific features

This model features an AutoBallast function that automatically completes the ballasting process, making lifting more convenient- and is the first machine in the fleet to have this fantastic feature.

Additionally, the 1090 crane is equipped with a VarioBase outrigger set-up system, which allows for the asymmetric set-up of outriggers.

Reaching and lifting towards awkward heights on multistorey structures has never been simpler: Liebherr’s 100-tonne 1090 has three excellent telescopic boom and jib combinations to aid lifting.

Not to mention a maximum tip height of 76 metres and a maximum radius of 62 metres.

This crane also has an added Hillstart Aid that makes moving off on gradients that little bit easier.

Eco-considerations of the 100t LTM 1090- 4.2

To encourage industries to keep in line with economic responsibility, Liebherr has introduced ECOmode and ECOdrive to the 100-tonne 1090.

With ECOmode, the engine speed is reduced during crane mode to lower fuel consumption. ECOdrive helps to reduce engine noise and fuel when driving from A to B.


For a deeper look into the technical capabilities of this crane, you can take a look at the 100t LTM 1090-4.2 specifications here.


100-tonne Liebherr crane hire costs

When hiring one of our 100-tonne Liebherr cranes, prices differ depending on several factors.

They include:

  • The time of year you need to hire – bank holidays such as New Year and Christmas day are usually more expensive.
  • The time of day – night-time is typically more costly than during day-time hours.
  • How long you need to keep the crane on site – the longer you need to hire the crane, the more the price will increase.

Here at Bryn Thomas, we pride ourselves on ensuring competitive prices to guarantee that our clients receive the best value for money when hiring from us.

To find out more about our crane hire costs, call us on 01352 733 984 today and we can discuss your site requirements and generate a quote.

Are there any limitations to Liebherr 100-tonne cranes?

The Liebherr cranes we rent out are fantastic solutions to most heavy manoeuvring and loading needs.

However, like most things, these mobile cranes have a few drawbacks.

Firstly, the angled jib that Liebherr models have requires more room next to buildings to install, causing a potential obstruction.

Secondly, these models are both controlled via an operator cab which could result in restricted visibility across the site.

Despite these slight restraints, Liebherr is a top manufacturer of heavy machinery. So, you can be sure that your project is in good hands by hiring a 100-tonne Liebherr crane from us at Bryn Thomas Cranes.


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