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5 Good Reasons To Hire A Crane

So, you need a crane to lift or move large, heavy goods safely and efficiently.

You’ve decided what type you require – city, heavy-duty, mobile tower, self-erecting, telescopic etc. But the question is – should you buy or rent lifting equipment?

If you’ve got the budget, and you’ll get plenty of use out of it, it makes perfect sense to buy a crane outright. You can set it up as and when you need, preventing any holdups. However, there are lots of reasons why businesses opt for crane hire.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of hiring a crane.


1.    Cranes are expensive to buy outright

Even if you only need a small crane, these advanced machines can set you back several thousands of pounds. Add to this fuel, maintenance, servicing, insurance and the licenses for the operator, and the costs soon mount up!

To ensure you get maximum return on your investment, you’ll have to use the crane daily. If that’s unlikely, and you only need a crane for odd jobs, then it works out much more cost-effective to hire.


2.    You can hire different cranes for different jobs

Any reputable crane hire company will have an extensive fleet of cranes available to hire – we certainly do at Bryn Thomas Cranes!

Not only does this give you access to the latest and most advanced equipment, but it also means you’re provided with the most suitable crane for every individual job. If you’ve purchased a crane, you could be left using equipment that is too big or too small, or not the right strength for the goods that need lifting.


3.    Cranes often come with a trained operator

When you hire a crane to lift or move cumbersome loads at varying heights, you can rely on us to supply a fully insured and certified operator who knows how to operate the equipment properly.

This is the case for both Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA) crane hire and contract lifting. However, with CPA crane hire, our trained operators will follow your strict instructions and work alongside your team.


4.    All the logistics are covered

One of the biggest problems with owning a crane is getting it to and from the worksite, as they’re usually transported on large flatbeds that require a semi-truck and driver.

For larger cranes, the route needs to be carefully planned to avoid low bridges and permits obtained if it’s a particularly wide (abnormal) load. You’ll also have to find somewhere safe to store the crane when it’s not in use.

With crane hire, the logistics will be taken care of for you, meaning all you need to do is look out for the crane to be delivered to your site on the agreed day and time.


5.    Crane hire can save you money

The price you’ll pay to hire a crane can vary depending on numerous factors, particularly the type of crane, the size and weight of the load, and the accessibility of your site.

However, crane hire is guaranteed to cost much less than purchasing a crane and paying to maintain it. When profit margins are tight, it can really help to reduce your overheads too.


Ready to hire a crane?

Bryn Thomas Cranes is one of the UK’s leading crane hire companies, offering a tailored solution to suit the needs of various sectors.

If you’ve hired a crane previously, and you’re simply looking for a suitable crane and operator, we can provide a CPA crane hire agreement.

If you’re new to crane hire, our contract lifting services is ideal. We’ll take care of everything from supplying a certified crane with the qualified personnel, to planning the entire lift and working towards LOLER regulations and BS 7121 standards.

For more information about our crane hire service, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Either give our head office a call on 01352 733 984 or contact your nearest depot to discuss your requirements in further detail.

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