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What Type of Projects are Telescopic Cranes Used For?

In the world of construction and heavy lifting, using specialised equipment is essential. Telescopic cranes, in particular, stand out for their versatility and adaptability in a range of projects.


Let’s explore where these cranes play a vital role and what projects they’re used for, highlighting their importance in modern construction and beyond.


80t Grove Crane on CPA Contract Lifting Project

80t Grove GMK 4080 Working on CPA Contract Lifting Operation for a Telecommunications Customer

What is a Telescopic Crane?

Telescopic cranes are mobile cranes known for their telescoping boom, which adjusts in height by extending or retracting sections. This smart design offers flexibility and improved reach, making telescopic cranes a top pick for projects with various lifting needs.

What Projects are Telescopic Cranes Used for?

Construction Sites:

  1. High-Rise Construction:

Telescopic cranes are often used in the construction of tall buildings like skyscrapers or multi-story car parks. Their ability to reach tall heights makes them ideal for lifting heavy materials to upper floors with precision and safety.


  1. Infrastructure Projects:

From bridge construction to highway development, telescopic cranes play a pivotal role in handling heavy loads in confined spaces. Their manoeuvrability ensures efficient lifting in areas with limited accessibility.


Energy Sector:

  1. Wind Turbine Installation:

Telescopic cranes play a key role in installing wind turbines. Their adaptable nature allows for accurate positioning of turbine components, especially in tricky terrains where regular cranes might face difficulties.


  1. Power Plant Construction:

Whether it’s lifting heavy machinery or assisting in the installation of large components, telescopic cranes are often used in power plant construction, offering the necessary lifting capacity.



  1. Cell Tower Erection and Maintenance:

Telescopic cranes are instrumental in the installation and maintenance of cell towers. Their height-adjustable booms facilitate the careful placement of antennas and other equipment at varying heights.


Oil and Gas Industry:

  1. Offshore Operations:

In the offshore oil and gas sector, telescopic cranes find application on drilling platforms and support vessels. Telescopic shipboard cranes boast a compact design, allowing them to perform various load-handling tasks reliably and safely in the challenging marine environment. Their telescopic jib enables the crane to cover a significant working area on the vessel.


Emergency Response:

  1. Disaster Recovery:

Telescopic cranes can be used in disaster-stricken areas for rescue and recovery operations. Their ability to navigate challenging terrains and lift heavy debris is crucial in emergency response scenarios.


Hire a Telescopic Crane from Bryn Thomas Crane

Telescopic cranes are versatile and essential for lifting heavy loads in construction, energy, telecommunications, emergency response projects and more.


As technology gets better, telescopic cranes become more capable, making them even more crucial for heavy-lifting jobs.


If you want to learn more about our telescopic cranes and how they can help your project, Bryn Thomas Crane is an experienced crane hire firm for all your needs. We’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise to find the best solution for your needs.


You can call our head office on 01352 733 984 or send an email to flint@brynthomascranes.com.

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