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What Can A Crane Be Used For?

Ever considered hiring a crane before?

Various business types and sectors take advantage of crane hire every year. Not only does it save them the financial outlay of buying a crane outright, but it also reduces the need to find a safe place to keep it when it’s not in use.

Better yet, hiring a crane means they can pick and choose which crane they use – making the most of the latest technology – and have it collected from their site as soon as they’ve finished using it.

Whilst cranes are typically the go-to choice for construction firms, they are extremely adaptable and can be used for all manner of projects.

Here we look at some of the most obvious reasons why you may need to hire a crane, and a few interesting ways cranes have been used in the past.


7 weird and wonderful uses of crane hire


1.    Lift operations

For many years, cranes have been a staple in the construction industry – dominating the skyline in bustling city centres, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool, where high-rise buildings surround.

Cranes have this remarkable ability to lift and carry large, cumbersome loads at height and speed without compromising safety. Which explains why no major building in the 21st century is built without the use of a crane.

Some cranes can also be hired to lift and position hot tubs and spas in the most awkward of spots – be it your spacious garden or dinky backyard.


2.    Road blockages

Although crane hire is great for construction jobs up and down the country, it’s also useful for maintenance work and when nature strikes.

For example, if a tree falls in the road or a bridge collapses, it can affect livelihoods and businesses. Luckily, cranes are capable of lifting and removing debris from the road both quickly and safely.

The same applies if a vehicle breaks down, becomes lodged in a tight roadway, or – even worse – ends up in a ditch, and cannot be pulled out by a rescue truck.


3.    Bungee jumping

Perhaps one of the more surprising uses of crane hire is bungee jumping. Certainly not for the fainthearted, it involves leaping off a tall structure (like a bridge) whilst connected to a long, springy elastic cord.

The first modern bungee jump was made in 1979 and took place in Bristol. Since then, they have spiked in popularity – particularly in New Zealand – and are performed from cranes and various other towering structures.

The reason cranes are great for bungee jumps is that they are mobile. This means, with the appropriate permission and expertise, they can be set up virtually anywhere.


4.    Abseiling

Abseiling is where you descend a mountain, cliff, or man-made structure like a rock wall using a rope, in controlled conditions.

Though it’s a technique employed by mountain rescue teams, climbers, and cavers, it’s also a recreational activity.

You probably knew that already – but did you know that crane hire can be used for such activities?

Admittedly, it’s not something everyone will want to have a go at, but thrill-seekers get to enjoy scenic views from the top of the crane before using the rope to gradually lower themselves down. There’s no wall to push your feet off from – however, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed when you reach the bottom.


5.    Animal rescue

Again, cranes can be set up in difficult locations quickly and efficiently. They’re also suitable for unstable terrain and remote areas, which is ideal if an animal gets stuck somewhere difficult to reach.

For example, if a dog ends up trapped in a well or a cow finds itself stuck in a manhole or sinking in mud, a crane can be used to haul them to safety. Of course, it depends on the size and weight of the animal and the circumstances as to which type of crane will be required.


6.    Sky-high restaurants

This just takes dining with a difference to a completely new level (literally).

Though not something you’ll find in all major cities just yet, there is a sky-high restaurant in London that hangs 100ft above the city from a crane.

Dinner in the Sky and Events in the Sky both allow you to tuck into tasty food whilst overlooking some of the capital’s popular tourist hotspots.

The best bit is, opt for a mobile tower crane, and you’ll be able to relocate your restaurant – offering a dining experience like no other for customers the world over!


7.    Magic stunts

The most bizarre use for a crane has to be back in 2003, when US magician David Blaine pulled off a crazy stunt in London.

He suspended himself from a crane in a small glass box next to Tower Bridge. Hoisted above the Thames and with barely enough room to stand up or lie down, he went without food for 44 days.

People gathered to watch the crane slowly lower him to the ground before gently tipping him out of the box.

As you can see, cranes are suitable for various applications – some crazier than others!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about the cranes we provide, here at Bryn Thomas Cranes. If you’d like to discuss your crane hire requirements with our team, you’re also welcome to call head office on 01352 733 984.

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