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The Main Reasons For Telescopic Crane Hire

Considering the pros of hiring a telescopic crane? As one of the quickest and most reliable cranes available, the telescopic crane combines an extendable boom with excellent manoeuvrability – scaling heights with ease and effortlessly transporting your cargo.

Picking the right crane for the job is crucial – saving time, money and helping to ensure safety. Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, cranes are what we do best. With a modern, extensive fleet, we provide crane hire in Liverpool, Manchester and across all major cities in the UK. We know everything there is to know about cranes, so why not let us help you to discover if telescopic crane hire is right for you.

The Main Reasons For Telescopic Crane Hire

Any height

Adapting to the job can be an issue if your crane can only extend to particular lengths and can’t reach certain heights, such as with heavy duty cranes. However, a telescopic crane operates with a hydraulic mechanism that controls the length that the steel boom can go to. Because of the strength of the crane’s base (and the truck it is attached to), plus the materials used for the boom, the crane is able to lift cargo to any height within its range without faltering.

In situations where height can cause issues, such as blocking movement or having items that are hard to reach due to their positioning, telescopic cranes dismiss any problems.

Enhanced mobility

If your crane needs to operate in a tight area and has limited manoeuvrability, you have a problem. Telescopic crane rental is great for projects where you are transporting goods or large items in areas with limited space.

A telescopic crane has a jib attached to the boom that helps to give it much better mobility. This enhanced agility and motion, allows it to be much more precise. If you require a crane that can give great movability in tight areas, then this is the one for you.

Quick set up

Who wouldn’t want a quick and easy set up when it comes to a crane rental? With most crane operations, it can take up a good portion of a day’s hire day to have everything set up – not with telescopic cranes.

A telescopic crane arrives pretty much ready for action. With telescopic crane hire, the crane only needs to be transferred to your area and prepared in terms of boom height and information for the lift.

So, if you’re looking for precision, flexibility, and speed then telescopic crane hire is for you.

We can even provide you with a fully qualified crane operator to ensure that your crane operation runs smoothly, reducing the risk of injury or hazards.

Like to know more about telescopic crane rental or any of the other crane hire services we offer from Bryn Thomas Cranes? Then please get in touch with our team of experts by either calling 01352 733984 or filling in our contact form.

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