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CPA Crane Hire vs CPA Contract Lifting – Which Is Better For You?

CPA crane hire vs CPA contract lifting – which is best for your project?

Cranes are used in many industries, such as construction, supply and logistics, and boating. Different types of cranes are needed depending on the project.

For small firms, it would be near impossible to purchase a fleet of cranes for every job. This is especially true considering modern cranes can cost up to £4,000,000.

That’s why most companies choose to hire rather than buy.

Throughout this blog, we’ll explore the ins and outs of CPA crane hire and contract lifting to help you decide which option is most suitable for your project.


What does CPA stand for?

Like most reputable hire firms, Bryn Thomas Cranes follow the conditions set by the leading trade association for plant hire: the Construction Plant Hire Association, the CPA.

The CPA set safety regulations, hire and contract conditions, and legal obligations for crane hire and contract lifting.


What is CPA crane hire?

With CPA crane hire, you rent a vehicle from a crane hire firm and return it when your project is complete.

The hire firm provides a fully tested crane, with the customer taking on more legal and safety responsibilities.

Companies that opt for crane hire have a fully trained engineer in their ranks to operate the crane. If you don’t provide a qualified driver, you will not be able to hire a crane.

Overall, the crane type chosen will influence the amount of hire fees you will pay.

For example, our crane hire services include heavy cranes,  mobile cranes, and mobile tower crane hire. Each differs in cost and depends on the time of year you need to hire, the time of day, and how long you need to keep the crane.

Night-time and bank holidays are more costly, so be sure to consider this when planning your project.


What is CPA contract lifting?

CPA Contract lifting is a service provided by crane hire firms that supply the crane and licensed driver to control it.

Companies that need a crane and don’t have a qualified operator tend to go for contract lifting.

The hire firm is responsible for taking care of most legalities when it comes to CPA contract lifting. This eases the pressure on the hirer, who doesn’t need to worry about many legalities.

Contract lifting is more expensive than crane hire as you’re paying for an operator and the crane.

Costs vary and are conditional upon the scale of the project, the length of time a crane is on-site, and the time-of-day operations will take place.

Night-time work and bank holidays will also cost you more.


CPA crane hire vs CPA contract lifting – the legal stuff

Apart from the type of hire service, the significant difference between CPA crane hire and CPA contract lifting is which party takes legal responsibility: the hire firm or the hirer.

With CPA crane hire, the customer is most responsible and must comply with the CPA model conditions. These include the following;

  • Providing a qualified professional who has an experienced understanding of all aspects of the lifting operation
  • Providing a qualified Crane Supervisor and competent Slinger/Signaller
  • Operating a safe system of work
  • Planning the lift thoroughly
  • Providing all Method Statements and Risk Assessments
  • Ensuring that the crane hired is suitable for your project

In addition, under standard CPA terms, the customer must have insurance to cover the lifting operation. Visit our insurance page for more information.


With CPA contract lifting, the crane hire firm takes care of all the above plus, ensuring that the crane supplied is maintained, tested, and certificated.

However, you must take out public liability insurance to cover negligence and unstable ground.


Which hire service do I need?

Ultimately, this comes down to whether you have a competent crane driver ready to operate a hired crane. If you do, crane hire is a no-brainer as it’s more affordable – why spend more and cut into your profits?

But, if you don’t have the luxury of having a crane operator on your team, then contract lifting is your only option unless you want to hire an engineer.

Legal responsibility could also be a reason to choose contract lifting over hire. With CPA contract lifting, most of the legal conditions apply to the hire firm.

If you would rather avoid the stresses of legalities, then contract lifting is the way to go.


Here at Bryn Thomas Cranes, we offer some of the most competitive rates around for CPA crane hire and contract lifting. So, why not fill in the online enquiry form or call 01352 733 984 for a free, no-obligation quote?


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